Ruth’s Free Life Insurance Review Turned Up An Unexpected Surprise!

May 5, 2021 admin 0 Comment

We were over the moon when one of our advisers, Mark, received a card and package from Ruth, who he had recently provided a free Life Insurance review to.

Mark had contacted Ruth to review her current insurance policy. Upon discussing her policy, Ruth mentioned that she had cancer 4 years ago. Mark pointed out that part of her insurance included critical illness cover and had she claimed for her illness through her insurance. Unaware she was able to do this, Mark advised her to contact her insurance provider and inform them of she had suffered from cancer.

On Marks advice, she did indeed contact her insurance and received a payout she would not have been aware she was entitled to had she not reviewed her policy with Mark, free of charge

Ruth’s Letter

Hi Mark

Hope you’re surviving these strange times we find ourselves in.

I dare say your employer disallows gifts of gratitude but I like to flout the rules!

This isn’t really about gratitude – more of a recognition of honesty and integrity. Hard sell seems to be a dying trade, thankfully, but never the less remains an expectation and you have gone a long way to restore my faith in the insurance industry.

I received a call from you which was to be a review of my life insurance. This led to me looking through my current illness policy and found an addendum I had missed 4 years ago when I did have a critical illness.

You advised me to contact them and arranged a follow-up call. I did, in fact, contact them and in the follow-up call, I was still waiting on a decision.

You wished me well and advised me to stay with them.

Well, I did receive a payout, and without your input, this would not have happened. So I share with you my good fortune.

Take care – Stay Safe


We are delighted that we were able to help Ruth and were genuinely heart warmed that she took the time to personally thank Mark for his efforts. As a company, it makes us even prouder of our staff and our ethos of people before profits.

We’ve helped over 25,000 families protect their loved ones and would love to help you, whether it’s reviewing an existing policy or finding the right life insurance for your needs, why not get in touch and arrange a free, no-obligation, no hard sell, life insurance review.

It was very beneficial for Ruth, we believe it will be for you.