Hypermiling – What is it and how it can save you money?

April 7, 2022 admin 0 Comment

With fuel prices hitting the roof, there has been a lot of talk regarding hypermiling and how it can save you money on the fuel cost of running your car.

Here at Secure For Life we are all about saving money, so we decided to take a closer look at hypermiling to see if any of the tips can save you money and get you more miles to your gallon.

Hypermiling employs tips and techniques to help reduce the amount of fuel used whilst driving. It was popular in the early 2000’s in America when the price of fuel rocketed, with some groups organising hypermiling marathons to see who could travel the furthest on the least amount of fuel.

Some extreme hypermiling tips include parking your car in direct sunlight when the weather is cold to reduce the time used running your engine to defrost the wind screen to parking on slopes, allowing you to use as little as fuel as possible when pulling away. Another is making your car as aerodynamic as possible by taping sections of your car to reduce drag!

Don’t worry though, we’ve cherry picked the best and most practical tips help your fuel consumption, and your wallet.

Top hypermiling tips:

Drive or Walk: If you’re undertaking a short journey, are you able to walk it? You won’t be spending money on fuel if you can.

Route Planning: Plan the shortest route and try to avoid traffic hotspots and congestion.

Car Maintenance: Keeping your car well maintained and serviced will ensure you get the maximum fuel effienctcy from your engine.

Correct Tyre Pressure: Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will minimise rolling road friction and increase your miles per gallon.

Remove Unwanted Weight: Take out any unnecessary items in your car or boot, more weight means more fuel.

Roof Rack: If you have a roof rack, remove it when not in use. It only creates drag and increases fuel use.

Watch Your Speed: Driving at 60mph on the motorway will have a significant impact on your fuel consumption than travelling at 70mph.

Turn Your Engine Off: Turn off your engine when stopped in traffic to save fuel.

One thing to never do is coast or turn off your engine when travelling in an attempt to save fuel. You are not in control of your vehicle and are danger to you and other road users.

We hope these tips can save you money in what is a trying time on family expenses. Our best advice is to walk or cycle where possible, it saves you money and more importantly, it’s good for your health and the environment.

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