Home Keep Fit

July 22, 2020 admin 0 Comment

It’s important to keep yourself fit and healthy, especially during lockdown when you’re not as usually active. Healthy body, healthy mind!

So we’ve put together an easy home work out you can do that doesn’t need any equipment, just your body and some will power, of course!

First up, have a stretch and shake loose your arms and legs. It’s important to make sure you are ready to start your home work out.

Let’s start off with 50 punches

Now for 50 High Knees

Moving into 20 Bodyweight Squats

No time for a rest! Onto your back for 30 Toe Crunches

Now move into 30 Knee Pull-Ins

Pop up for 50 more Punches

Back down for 30 Leg Raises

Half up for 40 Mountain Climbers

Half up for 40 Mountain Climbers

And repeat as many times as you like!

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