Heat Saving Top 5 Tips

January 27, 2022 admin 0 Comment

Christmas has just been, which for most households means money is tight. An extra blow is that energy prices are set to rise even further, hitting us even harder than usual in the pocket.

As we love to save money at Secure For Life, here are our top 5 heat-saving tips to help you keep a little extra in the bank

1. Match it
When cooking on the hob, make sure to match the saucepan size to the hob ring. Otherwise, you could be paying to heat thin air. No one wants that!

2. Keep it Open
On the topic of cooking, once you have finished cooking a meal in the oven, leave the door open a little to let the warm air circulate through your house. 

3. One Degree
Turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree can save you 10% on your heating bill and you’ll probably not even notice the difference!

4. Standby
Switch off electrical appliances at the plug, don’t leave them on standby. Turning off an Xbox from standby could save you around £10 a year. It all adds up.

5. Zone In
Use zoned heating. Make sure to close off rooms and vents in rooms that are not in use. Turn off any radiators in those rooms too.

Are you struggling?
If you are struggling with rising energy costs and need to speak to someone, then get in touch with Citizens Advice on the special link below about how to pay your bills.
Click here for Citizens Advice

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