How Many Holes in the T-Shirt?

November 17, 2021 admin 0 Comment

It’s winter! So why have we got a t-shirt in the Friday Brain Workout? Hmmm.

This Friday we are asking how many holes are in the t-shirt in the below picture. Have a look, have a think and then scroll down for the answer – have fun!

What do you think? How many holes are there? Scroll down for the answer.

While you are clearly seeing 3 holes in the shirt, remember that you can see through the t-shirt, meaning that the holes go through the front and the back of the shirt, making 6 holes.

When you add those 6 holes to the 2 sleeves and the holes for your head and body to go in – that makes 10 holes!

So the answer is 10 holes.

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