Are these 20 signs you are fortunate in life?

March 9, 2022 admin 0 Comment

A recent poll of 2,000 adults has revealed the top 20 signs you are fortunate, including having good health, finding money on the floor to being close with friends and family.

It also showed that 45% of people believe in luck – whether it’s good or bad, with 38% owning a lucky charm. Interestingly, 61% felt they would have worse luck if they didn’t have their charm with them.

So how can you make yourself lucky or fortunate?

Things like having a lucky number, finding a four-leaf clover and keeping a lucky penny were the top ways to encourage good luck.

Keeping a horseshoe, avoiding cracks in the pavement and blowing on dice or coins before rolling or flipping also made the list.

But what we liked most from the survey was so many people considering themselves fortunate, especially after the ups and downs of the past couple of years.

 40% of those polled via OnePoll feel fortunate when it comes to their family, while 32% felt fortunate in their relationship and 29% feel fortunate with their health.

One thing you certainly shouldn’t leave to luck is the need for Life Insurance. It’s an area that you can count on, without having to worry if you’re fortunate or not, to protect your family’s financial security should something happen to you, a loved one or your ability to pay household bills.

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Top 20 Sign of Being Fortunate in Life

1. Having good health

2. Never having any major worries in life

3. Being close with friends and family

4. Finding cash on the floor

5. Winning online competitions

6. Receiving a substantial inheritance

7. Stumbling into your dream job without much thought

8. Picking a winner at the races

9. Being upgraded on a flight

10. Always getting free stuff for no reason

11. Getting to the till with a full-priced item only to find it’s in the sale

12. Traffic lights always turning green for you

13. You have never broken a bone

14. A bus/train always arrives when you get to the stop/platform

15. Passing a test first time

16. Your car always getting through its MOT with flying colours

17. Never getting into a car accident

18. Finding a partner who is a great chef

19. Finding your dream bag in the sale section

20. Not having to queue to get petrol

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