Top 5 Picnic Hacks

July 22, 2020 admin 0 Comment

If you enjoy getting out of the house and eating outdoors then July is the month for you, as the whole of this month is National Picnic Month!

With lockdown rules easing to allow friend ‘bubbles’ to meet in the park, what better way to get to catch and get some fresh air than with a picnic.

So get yourself outside this National Picnic Month, and with a whole month of celebrating ahead of you, the culinary possibilities are Gastronomical! (Pun very much intended).

We’ve put together our top 5 picnic hacks that will have you envy of your friends and keep it that little bit more exciting!

Just remember, guys, stay sensible and respect social distancing. Only eat your own prepared food and stay alert.

Push the bottom of a large crisp bag upwards inside itself to turn it instantly into the perfect snack bowl. No need to take extra dishes with you!

Pop cupcake cases over the top of your drinks to keep those pesky bugs at bay – yuk!

Store salads in mason jars instead of Tupperware as you can layer it up to keep everything fresh. Put the salad dressing at the bottom – No more soggy salads, just tip them out and enjoy!

Freeze some bottled water and pop them in your hamper or bag- it’ll keep things cool AND be cold and refreshing to drink once its defrosted.

Take some Cupcake cases with you and slip them onto the bottom of your lollies, they’ll prevent you getting into a gross sticky mess with your ice lollies and add a bit of extra fun for the kids!

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