The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Although there are many different types of pension schemes available, they all have the same objective – to help you save and provide you with an income in later life. At Secure for Life, we provide advice and select products specific to each customer’s individual needs and goals.

Retirement is something that we all eventually deserve but whether it comes with a smile is down to the performance of the pension over a number of years. The time to think about retirement is many years before it approaches, as the years leading up to retirement can prove crucial in terms of delivering the income you require. There are many different pension options available to you and at Secure for Life we will provide you with and educate you on all the choices you have.

Our Process For Providing Quality Advice

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Understanding You

By gathering information from you, we get to know what previsions you have in place already that you can utilise. Then by exploring your attitude to risk and return, and your hopes and aspirations, this will draw us a picture of what you want to achieve. This stage also allows you to understand what to expect from us and how you will benefit from using our services.


We’ll explore and research various scenarios and options that will reveal how best to utilise your existing provisions. We will then make recommendations as to how to build upon your current plans, to help maximise the chances of you achieving your objectives both present and future.


Once ”your plan” has been discussed and agreed, we take care of all the necessary documentation and checks saving you time and effort whilst ensuring that what needs to be done gets done in the efficient and timely manner. Because we are experts in our field we have the experience and knowledge required to make sure this all happens in line with expectations.


We believe all our clients benefit from a review of their circumstances, with the style and frequency decided by you. It is often dictated by where you are on the life stage, as well asyour relative level of wealth. You will also hear from us at certain times during the year when we feel something will be of interest to you.


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We always recommend that prior to submitting your details, you read and acknowledge our data privacy notice, which can be viewed via the section “Data Privacy Notice” at the bottom of the page.

Here at Secure For Life we take your privacy seriously. Details of how we handle your personal information can be found in our Data Privacy Notice.