Beat Office Syndrome With These Easy Office Exercises!

Keeping fit and active is vital to living a healthy life, along with a healthy diet. But for many of us getting the time to get down to the gym or take a walk is not often achievable due to work constraints. For others, it’s being stuck behind a desk most of the day, every working day of the week with minimum movement which increases other health issues, such as Office Syndrome.

Office syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by sitting or remaining in the same position for long periods of time, mainly while working on the computer in an office setting. When left untreated for prolonged periods, it can result in chronic pain, intervertebral disc disease and abnormalities in the spine.

So to combat office syndrome and break up your working day, we’ve put together some simple stretches for you to do at your desk. They’re simple and only take a couple of minutes of the day.

Also, focus on different points of distance within your office with your eyes while you do the exercises to give your eyes a rest. They’re also a very important part of your body!  

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