Christmas Tips & Hacks

Christmas is almost upon us and we’re all starting to get into the festive spirit. We’ve put together a collection of top tips and ideas for making your Christmas a little less expensive and a bit more fun. Impress your friends and family with any of the following top our 10 Christmas hacks.
Use Ice Cream Cones to Turn Cupcakes into Christmas Trees

Create the perfect Christmas cupcake with this Christmas tree design. The secret to the leafy topping? Place an ice cream cone upside down on top of your snowy white-frosted cupcakes, then pipe green frosting to the cone for the leaves. Carefully add edible pearl candies for ornaments.
Jazz Up Lights With Spray Paint

While green cords are helpful when you want them to blend into your tree or roof, it also makes the cords too much of an eyesore to use elsewhere in your home — until you give them a gold spray-painted makeover, making them a stunning addition to your mantle.

Chill Wine with Frozen Cranberries

Your wine bucket just gained the spotlight on your dinner table. Lay cranberries on a shallow tray and run just enough water to cover them. Freeze, then break into pieces. Add to your ice bucket with a collection of fir cuttings, and pop some bubbly.
Wrap Gifts with Fabric

Save money, save time: Those are the end goals of any Christmas hacks. Try to repurpose what you already have for unique, fun wrapping — save fabric scraps for smaller presents that can travel with you without the worry of paper ripping or bows bending. Place your box in the centre of the fabric and tie the ends together in a tight knot.

Make Your Own Fireplace

Don’t have a fireplace and want to make sure Santa visits this Christmas? Then make your own. This great and easy to do Fireplace is made out of boxes and brick wallpaper. Simply get some empty boxes and stick them together to create the fireplace. Then cover it in brick wallpaper or create your own brickwork! You can then hang stockings on it and decorate with some holly and ivy.


Christmas Baubles Storage

It’s always harder taking down the Christmas decorations than it is putting them up, so why not try this handy hack for storing your baubles by tucking them away safely into disused egg boxes. Then come next Christmas you’re ready to go without having to untangle and sort through your decorations.

Christmas Lights Storage

Don’t get yourself in a tangle trying to untangle the Christmas lights next year. Keeping with the clever storage theme, why not wrap your lights around a coat hanger when packing up the decorations. Next year will then be a much easier Christmas decorating experience!

Better Homes
Turn Cookie Cutters into Ornaments

A quick ribbon-wrap turns Christmas baking supplies into trendy tree baubles. Put a tiny bit of tape (instead of glue) at the beginning and endpoints and you’ll be able to reuse the set to shape cookies next year. Just make sure you’ve made your gingerbread people first!
Use Candy Canes for Card Holders

Edible sweet holders inform guests of the other tasty foods they get to devour during the Christmas party. We think these crafts would look just as precious holding place cards at the dining room table.

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Decorative Festive Tins

Wash out your used tin cans and punch out holes in the shape of a star of Christmas tree on one side. Pop a tealight inside for a pretty and simple DIY votive that you can use again and again. They look great and are super cheap.

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