5 Tips to Keep Cool For a Good Nights Sleep

We love the warm weather here in Britain, usually because it’s so rarely we get any. This summer’s heatwave has brought with it very warm nights that, for some, are leaving us too hot and uncomfortable to get a decent nights sleep.

So, at Secure For Life, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you keep cool, shrug off the restless tossing and turning and get a good nights sleep!

No Exercise Before Bed

Putting your exercise back during the day, because it will be cooler later in the day to work out, is something to be avoided. After exercise, your body temperature is higher and will take longer to decrease, especially just before bed.

Careful What & When You Eat

Eating a large meal before bed will also heat you up when in bed and spicy food can also increase your body temp. Have your non spicy dinner well in advance of bedtime!

Keep Your Pyjamas On

Tempting as it is to strip off in bed to keep cool, putting on cotton pyjamas may help to you get a more comfortable nights sleep. Cotton helps your skin breathe while absorbing sweat from your body.

Get The Hot Water Bottle Out

As crazy as it sounds, putting your feet on a  hot water bottle in bed will help reduce your core temperature. Warming blood vessels in your hands and feet increase in size, helping you to lose excess body heat.

On The Pulse

Placing cool water or an ice cube on your pulse points, such as your wrists or the side of neck,  will instantly reduce your core temperature. Blood vessels will react to the cool sensation and help your body cool down. Don’t do it on your hands or feet and only do it for a short time.

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