5 Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

It’s always the way: Open the Christmas tree box, find entire side of tree flattened. Or, saw off stump, only to see gigantic hole in back.  No one tree is going to look perfect as soon as you get your hands on it. But there are ways to make your tree look as perfect as you’ve been dreaming … with these 5 cheeky decoration tips.


Add a Base

It’s simple but changes everything: Setting up your tree on a stand (or a table or a cardboard box) adds height and a certain sense of majesty to your tree. Plus, it doubles or triples the gift-stacking room underneath, which we’re pretty sure your family will be excited to hear. Fake it Frugal covered the base of her tree with burlap after raising it up to hide the stand, which is a sneaky way to make the whole setup look natural.

Caroline Olney

String Lights Vertically

Winding lights around and around and around the tree might be how you’ve always done it, but this year, try stringing up and down instead. The vertical lines help the lights blend in a little more, and it will make the tree look lit from within (instead of a shell of lights).


Fill It In

If you’re lucky, your tree has one or two sparse patches. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get a sad-looking Charlie Brown tree. Either way, tinsel is your secret weapon: Buy a bunch in dark green and wrap around the trunk and inner branches to make your tree look fuller. (Or, if you’re feeling fancy, use fake vines or pine garlands for a more realistic look.)

Elena Efimova/shutterstock


If you’re lazy (and don’t want to admit it) or if you have limited decorating supplies, prop your tree up in the corner. This way, you only have to decorate a third of it and it won’t attract as much attention if it’s not perfect.


Hook Your Garlands

Why is it that beaded garlands always look great on display trees but not so good on our own? It’s because they know a secret that we don’t: Just draping garlands around branches isn’t going to do the trick, says Amanda from Aunt Peaches. Instead, use ornament hooks every 20 to 30 inches and hook your garland on branches to get that sought-after swoop.

Source: Caroline Olney – cafemom.com

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