10 Immune System Boosting Foods

July 22, 2020 admin 0 Comment

Now more than ever it’s very important to make sure you keep your immune system strong. With the UK in lockdown due to Coronavirus, we have put together a top 10 of immune-boosting foods you can add to your diet, keeping your immune system topped up and fighting fit.



Not only are they packed with B vitamins, such as riboflavin and niacin, keeping your immune system healthy, but they also contain selenium. Our bodies can’t make Selenium so we need to get it through our food. Low levels of selenium reduce the body’s ability to fight off viral infections.

Citrus Fruits


Vitamin C is a fantastic immune booster and can be found in lots of citrus fruits. You can get Vitamin C tablets and supplements but nothing is quite as tasty a fresh piece of fruit.  Load up on citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges and lemons.

Fermented Foods


Foods such as miso, pickles, olives, and yoghurt—help increase the good bacteria in your gut (which is where the majority of your immune system is), and can up your production of antibodies. Add them to your diet to keep your immune system strong!

Red Bell Peppers


Oranges and citrus fruits aren’t the only good source of vitamin C. Red peppers are too and amazingly have twice as much! You didn’t know that, did you?



A refreshing way to get an immune top-up, watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and reminds you of summertime!



A favourite with bodybuilders, and with good reason too. Broccoli is packed with vitamins (A, C, and E), minerals, and tons of antioxidants. A real superfood!



With households on lockdown, garlic breath is worth the complaints. A brilliant immune-strengthening booster, garlic is packed with allicin, a sulfur-containing compound that keeps your immune system strong.

Sweet Potato

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Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in your body and helps boost your immune system. You can now have a side of fries with your meal, well as long as they’re sweet potato fries!



Pop-eye eats it, that’s all you need to know! Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and plenty of antioxidants it’s a real winner. It’s best to eat it raw or cooked as little as possible.

Chicken Soup


Of course, chicken soup is in our top 10. Chicken is high in vitamin B-6, very important for the formation of red blood cells. Chicken also contains gelatin and chondroitin, boosting your immune system.

So there you have it. Add any of the above yummy ingredients to your daily diet or combined them to make a super meal! Stay safe everybody and respect social distancing.

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